Murillo's The Prodigal Son and the Art of Narrative in Baroque Andalusian Painting

Exhibition September 21, 2021 − January 23, 2022
The Museo Nacional del Prado holds an exhibition "Murillo's The Prodigal Son and the Art of Narrative in Andalusian Baroque Painting".

Visitors will see 33 paintings, including six recently restored paintings by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo from the National Gallery of Ireland's Prodigal Son series. The exhibition also includes paintings of the fully preserved series The Story of Joseph by Antonio del Castillo and most of the paintings by Juan de Valdes Leal from the series The Life of St. Ambrose.

The exhibition includes another section of selected paintings that originally belonged to the religious series, depicting scenes of banquets, everyday life and meetings at the well. They show how works of this genre contain not only important narrative content, but also formulas related to other genres such as landscape, genre painting and still life. A comparison of these works of the three leading names in Andalusian Baroque painting reveals both similarities and differences in technique, style and approach to narrative.

Prepared according to the materials of the website Prado National Museum.