Hubert Scheibl. Seeds of time

Exhibition August 31 − December 5, 2021
Albertina Gallery is holding an exhibition "Hubert Scheibl. Seeds of Time.".

Visitors will see large-scale pictorial works, most of which were created by the artist in isolation from the pandemic.

Questions about life and death, about nature with its mutations and the evolution of the smallest building blocks of life, cells, viruses and bacteria, became particularly relevant in these new circumstances. The pandemic shook the world: in an impressive and ubiquitous way, the virus proved that time and space are in fact quite relative in the face of elemental threats.

Three rooms of the exhibition focus on specific phenomena in Scheibl's art: in the first room, square-shaped paintings that seem almost monochrome interact with each other. In the works in the second room, the artist turns to dynamic and coloristically complex formats, ideas and methods. Room three presents the theme of alternating processes of drawing out lines and traces in paintings and drawing lines on white paper when painting. Abstract, impulsively created linear structures that end up resembling real forms of nature, such as grasses, branches or forests. The artistic universe of Hubert Scheibl, the internationally renowned Austrian painter, is a kaleidoscope of diversity and coexistence, and his art embodies a constant experiment aimed at uniting opposites.

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