Facade icons

Exhibition November 17, 2021 − November 17, 2022
The "façade icon" can replace external monumental wall paintings or mosaic panels on the façade of the church. It withstands changeable weather conditions and does not fade in the sun. The icon is painted on the cement-bonded particleboard that is first impregnated with acrylic resin and varnish and then covered with a special strong facade putty. The image is painted by hand-grinded color crystalline minerals on egg and wine, decorated with gold leaf, and impregnated with stable linseed oil. The front side of the front icon is protected by the glass; a ventilated air space is kept between the surfaces of the icon and the glass. Thus the surface of the icon is protected from external influences, and moisture condensation and fogging does not occur. The cost of a facade icon is comparable to the cost of a usual icon and is much less than the cost of a mosaic icon of the same size. A facade icon is much lighter than a mosaic and can be easily mounted at any height.
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