Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Exhibition October 6, 2021 − January 30, 2022
Stedelijk Art Institute presents the exhibition "Rembrandt in Amsterdam.".

The exhibition includes more than 60 works by the great artist and traces the creative path of Rembrandt - from a young ambitious artist from Leiden to the famous master from Amsterdam. The exhibition features more than 140 paintings, engravings and drawings by Rembrandt and his contemporaries. The works are provided by the Rijksmuseum, the Berlin Art Gallery, the Old Masters Gallery in Dresden, the National Gallery in London, the Prado National Museum in Madrid and the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

As an artist, Rembrandt created a remarkably rich and varied creative legacy of landscapes, genre scenes and still lifes. However, he is best known for his dramatic historical paintings and realistic portraits. His interactions and exchanges with other artists shaped him both as a painter and as an entrepreneur. Amidst the rivalry and competition that characterized the Amsterdam atmosphere of the time, where many talented artists were favored by the wealthy bourgeoisie, Rembrandt developed his unique expressive visual language, which ultimately allowed him to rise to the top of the art market.

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