Konstantin Korovin and his students

Exhibition December 22, 2021 − February 23, 2022
Exhibition space "New Manege" hosts an exhibition "Konstantin Korovin and His Students".

The project, which includes works from the collections of the Moscow gallery "Vellum" and large private collections, is timed to the anniversary of Konstantin Korovin, a great painter, theater set designer and writer, whose 160th birthday will be celebrated on December 5, 2021.

Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin - an outstanding painter, the brightest representative of the impressionist school in Russian art; a theater artist and decorator, who created unforgettable images of theater productions; a writer, whose memories became a true document of the era - had the talent of a teacher and mentor, who helped an independent creative individuality to reveal and form. Konstantin Korovin's students became the pride of Russian and Soviet art and, in turn, the teachers who passed on their experience and knowledge to the next generations.

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