Antoine Caron. Images for Catherine de ' Medici

Exhibition January 18 − April 15, 2018
"Images for Catherine de' Medici» the first specialized international exhibition dedicated to the works of Antoine Caron on paper. This group of works executed by order of his patroness Catherine de ' Medici, Queen of France. The series demonstrates how powerful and influential the ruler has promoted himself and his dynasty through luxury events at court.

In the centre of this exhibition – a group of six drawings called "the Splendor of Valois". They depict festivals organized at the French court between 1573 and 1581, during the reign of the sons of Catherine, the king Charles IX and king Henry III. Work in the smallest details convey the tournaments, tournaments, and comic naval battle in these lush productions. Later, the drawings were translated into tapestries.

These works together with other works of Karon beach, included in the exhibition, illustrate how the artist helped Catherine to promote its descendants. The drawings not only give invaluable ideas about fashion, behavior, Protocol and the complexity of the "Splendours of Valois". It also illustrates the insatiable desire of Catherine to strengthen the power of their successors through the world of entertainment.