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Exhibition May 14 − June 15

The Earth Project. ver.20.22. Does AI need the Nature?

By creating AI (artificial Intelligence)  and laying in its foundation the possibility of self-learning, the possibility of choice, and decision-making, Humanity has opened Pandora's box.

Will we now be able to control and predict the actions of artificial intelligence - or is it necessary to create new ethics in which the world of things (non-human) will become a functioning unit of social relations?

One of the most critical tasks of humanity is the preservation of planet Earth. How do you teach an Android to take care of something that is not valuable to him? Is it possible to create rules that will become uniform for a Person and (non-) person?..
Artists from different countries of the world united at the reflection exhibition "Earth. Version 2022. Why does an Android need nature?" to try to find an answer to how the Android's relationship will develop not only with the man but also with nature as a whole.

Their works raise questions about the ethics of interaction with artificial intelligence, and about possible changes in human civilization.
The exhibition "The Earth Project. Ver.20.22. Does AI need nature?" is a continuation of the project "The Earth Project. Ver. 20.21. What happened after?".
Format of works: painting, sculpture, installations, performance, video art.
The curators of the project is Tamara Tanatarova, and Anastasia Strizhkova.

Artists: Anastasia Strizhkova (Germany), Valentin Mora (Georgia), Grigory Gonkov (Russia), Olga Goryacheva (Hungary), Elmira Belova (Russia), Natalia Koren Kropf (USA), Alexey Ilkaev Sad Face (Russia), Rina Gris (Russia), Natalia Lukomskaya (Russia), Sergey Gapanovich (Russia), Natalia Samoyart (Great Britain) and others.

The project was implemented with the support of the international art association of independent artists ASM-CLUB.COM.
Galleries at the exhibition