Make It Till You Fake It

Exhibition May 31 − June 26, 2022
*do it until you improvise

Victoria Gallery invites you to the final exhibition of the season, the project "Make it till you fake it," which focuses on the art of instruction or instruction in art. The authors of the project set out to find the spiritual heirs of the Fluxus movement, the French Situationists and the group Collective Action, who in the fragile modern world turn to the theme of instruction as a way to confront hierarchies, regulations and normativity, and through their practices build new types of communication based on open knowledge, freedom and play.
The exhibition consists of five sections, offering the viewer different aspects of interaction with the works. "Take a Walk, But Come Back" presents the walks and drifts one can take in the city. "Break It, Reassemble It" will show how artists work with technology and substitute content. "Follow the Instructions" is a series of works that change the essence of objects through familiar schemes. "Imagine That" - works that work with movement and imagination. "Don't Go Out, Don't Commit" - four chamber rooms immersing the viewer in individual works.
A special program at the exhibition will be guided walks, master classes and a performance by the artist.

The project was invented jointly by curators from different cities: Anastasia Albokrinova (Victoria Gallery, Samara) and Alisa Zhikhareva (Klopovnik Center, Chelyabinsk). Initially it was conceived as a creative exchange between artists of the two cities, but eventually it grew into a trans-geographical project, whose participants can be artists from anywhere in the world.
The project is based on a large-scale open call held in April 2022. Among more than 100 applications from artists from Russia and other countries, some were selected to participate in an offline exhibition at the Victoria Gallery. Some of the artists were specially invited by the curator of the exhibition in Samara.
The remaining submissions, matching the concept of the project, will become part of an online library in June. To this library, in turn, curators who want to make an exhibition in their city will be able to refer. And some of the works will be open to viewers and other artists.
Thus, "Make it till you fake it" is not reduced conceptually to one exhibition, one city, or one group of participants. It is a construction project, capable of adapting to changing contexts and provoking co-creation and exchange.

Supported by NameGallery, St. Petersburg
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