Marina Khodosh's photo exhibition "Hot Summer"

Exhibition 14 − July 31, 2022
In the gallery "PARTY COLLECTION" from 14 to 31 July, a new solo photo exhibition "SUMMER HIGH" by photographer Marina Hodosh.
Black and white nude photos.

Marina Hodosh about herself: "It is strange to write your own biography, it always seems that there is not much to say about yourself.
I was born in Berdsk, Novosibirsk region in 1979 Childhood was very happy - Soviet.
Then followed Pedagogical Institute, NESTI. Work in the Tax System, career growth in the civil service. It would seem, what does photography have to do with it?
But, as you know, genes are power. My dad is a painter, so the art came out in me...
When I was on maternity leave, my husband gave me a camera so I wouldn't get bored. That's where it all started...
In the beginning there were pictures of children and family. This was not enough for me, so I went to an individual course with Moscow photographer Rada Zotova.
I graduated from Mikhail Gulyaev's photography school and attended master classes with a number of photographers from the capital...
Just then, I realized that no one can teach me photography - it's a built-in mechanism, it's either there or it's not.
I didn't dare to call myself a photographer for many years.
Already held my first solo exhibition in Novosibirsk "All about women" 2018, and the anniversary photo exhibition "Siberia nude" 2021, and fame in the city happened.
But it wasn't until I was published in the French magazine Delacate magazine in 2021 that the realization of "my business" came to me.
Now I travel a lot and take pictures, which makes me infinitely happy, because my photographic works please people all over the world.
And that's how we women bring beauty into the world..."

From July 14 to 31 Marina Khodosh's photo exhibition in the gallery "Private Collection" is open to all comers.

Admission is free.

ul. Sovetskaya 26, phone number for information:
? 8 383 222-0021, 8 953-861-5937.
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