Summer is a little life!

Exhibition July 18 − August 31, 2022
Summer... warm, hot, rainy, but for each his own, personal, happy or not so happy.

It always leaves a mark in our souls and memories....

If you want to participate, go to

Show off your work - bright, juicy, summery!
Share your emotions, your feelings, your mood!

Contest "Summer is a little life!" for you!


1. Submit a work on the theme of the contest
2. Pay the organizational fee for accommodation:
1 job - 300 rubles.
3 works - 750 rubles.
5 works - 1000 rubles.
10 works - 1500 rubles.
3. Describe your work
4. If you wish, repost your work on facebook

Cash prizes await the winners:

1 place - 5000 rubles
2nd place - 2000 rubles
3rd place - 1000 rubles

The results of the contest will be summed up on September 30 in the group vk
Galleries at the exhibition