Venice in Aspen

Exhibition August 2 − September 26, 2022
Sotheby's presents the exhibition "Venice in Aspen."the Venice Biennial, which allows us to transfer the spirit and energy of the Biennale from the canals of Venice to the mountains of Aspen.

Visitors will see a multi-faceted show featuring the best works of this landmark biennial with Marlene Dumas, Ruth Asawa, Barbara Kruger and others: from the inspiring bronze bust of Simone Lee, embodying mysticism in the female form, to the surrealist overview of Peggy Guggenheim's collection.

The Venice Biennale is a world-renowned celebration of art. It captures the voices of a wide variety of artists working at the moment and provides a space for deep introspection and reflection on the cultural, political and economic landscape of our time.

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