Russian Hamlet. As part of the project "Being!

Exhibition 6 − August 7, 2022
"Tanya Strelbitskaya's Workshop" together with the Park Hotel Actor Ruza presented the premiere of the play "My Hamlet" as part of the project "BE!" based on the play by William Shakespeare in Ruza near Moscow on August 6, 2022.
The premiere of the play, directed by Tanya Strelbitskaya, was a full house. The audience came from Moscow, the Moscow region and various Russian cities.
The premiere screening as part of the project "To Be!", in addition to the performance, presented the exhibition "Russian Hamlet. Photos of plays and actors who played Hamlet on the Russian stage in the 19th-20th centuries (M. Baryshnikov, M. Liepa, A. Solonitsyn, V. Vysotsky, K. Raikin), etc.
In order to hold this thematic exhibition, the Tanya Strelbitskaya Workshop Foundation signed a contract with the Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum on June 22.
Presented are pictures by director Tanya Strelbitskaya herself of Hamlet, born in the rehearsal process and which have become an integral part of the performance and art performance.
On the day of the premiere, an art object created especially for the project "To Be!" by artist Tanya Strelbitskaya and sculptor Vladimir Amodeo, who was included in the top 100 best artists of Russia, was installed and presented.