Anna Steinman "It won't hurt"

Exhibition October 27 − November 13, 2022
Anna Steiman is a St. Petersburg artist. Graduated from the N.K. Roerich Art School in St. Petersburg. N.K. Roerich. She is characterized by a variety of themes, including acutely social ones. Participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Denmark, USA and other countries including personal exhibitions. Her works are in museum and private collections.
Concept of the exhibition: Anna Steiman's series "It won't hurt" is dedicated to the artistic interpretation of the place and role of the doctor in the modern world, the system of doctor-patient interaction and the correlation of physical and mental pain. Addressing this topic, the author uses the experience of the global pandemic syndrome and actualizes it in the plasticity of the artistic language used in the series. The author argues about the importance and greatness of the doctor's profession, about his responsibility, for which he often pays with his own health, about the fact that a person does not always become a doctor by vocation, and about the complex social processes in which the doctor is often involved, taking responsibility for social choices.
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