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Breath of the Urals

Exhibition October 27 − November 13, 2022
On October 27, the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan begins to run an exhibition of painter, graphic artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia Ildar Ashrafovich Ganiev, dedicated to the Year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.
The main concept of the works presented by him consists in the aspiration to acquaint the young generation with the richest literary heritage of the republic, first of all, with the unique monuments of the Bashkir epos. Thanks to the storytellers - sesen, such famous works as "Kungyr-buga", "Alpamysha", "Kuzyikurpyas and Mayankhylu", which are penetrated with folk wisdom, deep lyricism, motives of love and loyalty, devotion to each other, and also the description of culture, customs and life of Bashkir people, have reached us. The heroes of folk epics are the bearers of high morals, spiritually gifted natures.
I. Ganiev's works create a kind of poetic environment that immerses the viewer in the content of folk myths and legends. By artistic means, he embodies philosophical reflections on the fate of heroes, creates their collective, generalized images.
The originality of folk culture is embodied by Ganiev in his compositions "Tamga Archer" and "Orsok", in which the author experiments with form and different materials, using traditional variants of Bashkir ornaments.
In addition, the exhibition features works from the "Ural Stones" series. The cycle of these canvases is remarkable for its pictorial findings and deepens the romantic, epic nature of the exposition of all his works.