Inner Space

Exhibition 4 − November 30, 2022
To travel in outer space, ordinary astronauts need a rocket and spacesuits. Artists Yevgeny Grinevich and Natalia Kulikova found another, Inner Space, where they could do without spacesuits. Instead, they designed and created special devices - art objects "Suitcases".

The Gallery Davydkovo will present a wide range of such special devices-spheres, putting on which a person plunges into another, "inner" dimension, moving in his consciousness. Inside the sphere, a boundless Inner Space opens up. Like the Outer Space, it has no beginning and no end, no top and no bottom. And no matter how far we go, the cosmos always remains an unfathomable mystery. The exhibition offers each viewer a fascinating and mysterious journey.

The curators and authors of the exhibition - the artists of the creative duo "Planetian" - have carried out many projects in the field of art and publishing over the years of working together. In the exhibition they will present graphics, art objects, as well as painting on fabric.

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The exhibition will run from November 4 to 30, 2022.

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