5th PASA Photo and science art Festival “Connect” (South Korea\Vietnam)

Exhibition October 15 − December 4, 2022
My series of digital art “Connections” participated in the 5th PASA Photo and science art Festival “Connect” (South Korea\Vietnam), in October-December 2022. PASA allows artists to celebrate and experience modern art connections with the digital world via art exchange and communication, using multimedia technique and video loops. PASA demonstrate international artworks on screens and monitors of public spaces including: Seoul BitEden Space, INTERPARK BlueSquare and LG Discovery Lab along with Hanoi Lotte Center, RAUM socail venue in collaboration with Armani and Gicci - and Incheon Airport of Vietnam. Selected PASA 2022 artworks will be combined into an NFT collection for the further WEb3 demonstration.
The PASA fest is organised by Bitglim corporation (www.bitglim.com)