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Exhibition February 11 − March 26
Alexandra Pavlovskaya's project "Tanyushka" was among the winners of the All-Russian contest of young artists Nova Art 8 2021, winning the implementation of his idea in the space FUTURO
The exhibition creates a story of attempts to define oneself, to delineate one's boundaries, to construct one's identity in a situation where one is deprived of some basis and foundation - mother, country and the world. The doomed search for a non-existent object makes it impossible either to articulate the trauma or to mourn the loss. To talk about this, the artist turns to archaic language, specifically to Pavel Bazhov's cycle "Ural Tales. Delving deeper into the works, using the optics of psychoanalysis, she sees non-obvious themes in them, such as: trauma, exploitation of natural resources, the urge for death, the sinister and creepy, female identity and craft.
The story of exile is embodied in the image of protection. The central object is a long strip of metallic fabric, reminiscent of the scales dropped by a lizard, which is thrown over a child's chair. Who left the metallic meta-skin, or to whom was it left? The sense of being left behind permeates the entire exhibition, from the sculptural cocoons to the surfaces of the mirrors, which rhymes with the ruined gallery space, like a giant jewel box, in which tiny biomorphic sculptures are hidden, suggesting the idea of nests or cocoons.
By immersing us in her symbolic world, the artist activates our unconscious, which will try to look for the familiar in what we first see.

Curator - Anastasia Skvortsova

The exhibition will open Feb. 10 from 5 p.m. registration on the Timepad. The rest of the time the exhibition works as usual - Wednesday-Sunday, from 12 to 20 hours.