Opening of the group exhibition "Me/Them"

Exhibition April 22 − May 3, 2023
The I/They project explores the theme of uniqueness in today's world.

Uniqueness. What associations come to mind when you hear this word? What characteristics and features does it have? Is everyone capable of being unique or is it the prerogative of only a select few? These and many other questions everyone has asked at least once in their lives, captured by the desire to stand out from the crowd, to be original and memorable. But what path must he take to find himself in this diverse and vast world?

The exhibitors, Alexei Larikov, Victor Tretyakov and Irena Gregor, explore the theme through their artwork and invite the viewer to an open dialogue to discuss the subject.

We are waiting for you on April 22 at 19:00 on the Birzhevoy line, 12.
Galleries at the exhibition