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Group and Solo exhibitions of Raphael Perez Israeli Painter

Exhibition July 23
The complete list of solo and group exhibitions of the Israeli painter Raphael Perez
Selected solo exhibitions
1997 - Notebooks and diaries, Curation Department at Camera Obscura - School of Art, Curator: Alice Machlis, Chief Curator: Reli Avrahami
1998 - Flamengo Restaurant Gallery
2000 – Cafe Theo
2001 - Jerusalem Open House
2002 - Gaim Bagalil, Kiryat Shmona
2002 - The Haifa Forum
2004 - Photogen
2004 – Restaurant - Bar - Shiraz Gallery
2006 - "A woman with a tail - an exhibition of drawings before a wedding", Tel Aviv Artists House, curator: Daniel Kahana-Levinzon
2008 – "The Kiss", Tel Aviv Artists House, Curator: Daniel Kahana-Levinson
2008 - "Panorama Tel Aviv" (couple exhibition with Shalom Flesh), Givatayim Municipal Gallery Water Institute, Curator: Daniel Kahana-Levinson
2009 – "Army of Lovers", Yanko Dada Ein-Hod Museum, Curator: Daniel Kahana-Levinson
2009 - "Portrait of a community: realistic paintings of key activists from the LGBT community", the urban center for the gay community, curator: Avi Sofer
2010 - "The Open House for Pride and Tolerance", Jerusalem, Curator: Ortal Pell
2016 - "Mediterranean Fantasy", International Hungarian Center, Nainiy Ha'oma Jerusalem, Curator: Eran Litvin
2017 - Kiryat Gat Intel factory
2017 - Integration of the annual conference of the Association of Construction and Infrastructure Engineers in Israel, the exhibition grounds.
2023 - Solo exhibition at the qu art museum in Suzhou, China

Major group exhibitions in Israel
2003 - "In the public domain - a tribute to Tel Aviv city gardener Avraham Karvan", Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, curator: Tali Tamir
2003 - Ophir Gallery
2004 - "Time for Love: Images of Romantic Art in Contemporary Israeli Art", Time for Art, Tel Aviv, Curator: Tami Katz Freeman
2004 - "Kastra" Haifa Art Center
2004 - Rimon Gallery - 3 artists
2004 - Alternative Gallery - Jaffa Yards
2004 - Bauhaus Center - Tel Aviv
2005 - "In the true colors: we are both together, one and the same", Enav Center for Culture, Tel Aviv, curator: Daniel Kahana-Levinzon
2005 - Fresco Gallery
2006 - "Tools Experiment", Center for Children of the Ages, Tel Aviv, Curator: Moran Shove
2006 - "Anonymous Exhibition", University of Haifa, Art Gallery, Faculty of Humanities, Haifa
2007 - "My Favorite Pornography", Tel Aviv Artists' House, Curator: Yuval Keder
2007 – "Imagination - Israeli Art Exhibition, 2007", Management Building, Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv
2007 – Five group exhibitions at the Amiad Center in the flea market in Jaffa, curated by Freddy and Ethi Fabian
2008 - "Accidental Exhibition", Ministry Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Rachel Sukman
2008 - "Tunnel of Time: Self-Portrait Exhibition", Water Institute, Yosef Weissman Municipal Gallery, Givatayim
2009 - "Urban", Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Debi Luzia
2009 – "White Trash", space in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, curators: Amanda Mel, Shameless and Enbalimor
2009 - "Khosoomophobia", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Ziv Tadhar
2010 - "Artist's Books", Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2010 - "Men and women make beauty", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Naomi Shalu
2010 - "Nahariya hosts the great city", HaKatsa Center, Nahariya, curator: Lee Ramon
2011 – "Vanilla Sex", Rosin Design House, Tel Aviv, curators: Esther Shlomo and Freddy Fabian
2011 - "Protest", The Central Gallery, Tel Aviv Curator: Orit Galili
2011 - "Proud Look", Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Yohanan Harson
2012 - "Without Money", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Itai Zelait
2012 - "The Face of the State", The Central Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Orit Galili
2014 - "The Generous Tree - The Story of the Olive Tree", Umm Al-Fahm Art Gallery, Umm Al-Fahm
2014 - Hangar 2, Jaffa Port
2017 - "Same but different", Minus One Gallery, curator: Efrat Livni
2017 - "Homeland Lesson", Art Workshop Gallery, Yavne
2017 – "Israeli naive art", Gina Gallery
2018 - "70 for Israel Blue and White Art: an art exhibition in public parking lots of Tel Aviv-Jaffa" (Aryeh Azan, Baruch Elron, Nachum Gutman, Naftali Bazam, Kadishman, Rafi Peretz, Zoe Saber, Oded Feingersh), curators: Iris Elhanani, Doron Folk.
are collecting
2019 - Amiad Center - Exhibition following Eurovision
2020 - Erotica - Ayelet Booker Gallery
2023 - Art Biennale in the city of Suzhou, China at the qu art museum