Figure of Russia - 2016

Exhibition October 8 − December 8, 2016
Tomsk All-Russian Triennale "Drawing Russia" is the only periodic art project that supports original drawing. It is drawing, the primary basis of the Russian art school, the favorite technique of many masters of previous generations, that has become a rare field of art nowadays. Interest and serious, steady demand for original drawing are waning, which inevitably leads to a decline in artistic quality. The organizers of the project gradually manage to "correct" the situation. The number of participants in this prestigious competition is growing. Gradually, the project expanded its geography, acquired a large number of participants and all-Russian status. The author and art director of the project Tatiana Nikolaevna Mikutskaya notes: "Tomsk Triennale gives an objective cross-section of the state of contemporary drawing in Russia for the last three years, gives a reason for the creation of new graphic works, generates interest of authors to this direction of application of creative forces, creates a field for experiments in this classic field of art".