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The exhibition "Creating a Garden". Irina Sidorova. Textile

Exhibition 14 − September 21
Gardens are an important part of any culture, reflecting many philosophical or religious ideas. Gardens have always served as places of rest, leisure and leisurely contemplation. Gardens are closely linked to the traditions and worldview of the people and therefore have often been the subject of poetry, painting and many other forms of art.

In textiles, and in particular in carpet weaving, the garden is one of the main themes as a prototype of the "Garden of Eden". A garden is a multi-layered work that uses a variety of techniques to create a special atmosphere and attract the visitor's attention.

In the composition of the exhibition two methods of creating gardens are applied: "Garden within a garden" and "Mini Landscape".
Part 1- "Flowers and Herbs."

Part 2- "A Garden Within a Garden" is an image of fruits with an immersion in the structure of the fruit. Each object has an internal ordered structure resembling an independent plant that has yet to sprout.

Part 3- "Mini Landscape" is a landscape that the visitor can see from the garden, it is something that is close to the garden, but through a favorable angle adds depth to the garden, and the changing seasons of the surrounding landscape, brings additional variety to the overall picture.
Galleries at the exhibition