boris Oshkukov's exhibition "Origins"

Exhibition November 9, 2023 − April 7
Istoki - exhibition project Boris Lazarevich Oshkukov (1948-2021)
Applied folk art of the Russian North is one of the sources of inspiration for the artist's creativity.
Boris Lazarevich Oshkukov was born in the town of Kirillov, Vologda region, and as a child visited the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery, saw ancient icons, spinning wheels decorated with carvings and paintings, carved wooden platbands on every private house. All these images of childhood became the seeds of creativity, which managed to germinate in the artist in adulthood.
Boris Lazarevich Oshkukov is one of the artists who worked with the theme of decorative heritage, applying it to his abstract work. Folk art in the field of artistic woodworking served as a catalyst in his work on sculptural objects. In his work, Boris Lazarevich searched for connections between the Russian Avant-Garde of the early 20th century and Russian folk crafts - carved architectural jewelry, furniture, decorative and applied arts, Russian wooden toys. In connection with this fact we would like to mention that the artist created models of future works from a wooden board. Later, the finished sculpture could be made of different material - metal, stone, glass. And the energy and plastic basis laid in the wooden model was preserved in other materials.