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Personal exhibition of the Crimean artist Andrey Orlov "What color is the Crimea"

Exhibition 20 − January 26
From January 20 to 26, the ArtMaison Gallery will host a solo exhibition of Crimean artist Andrei Orlov "What Color Crimea".

Like everyone else, I love going to the sea. Having once discovered Crimea, I can't help but go there again and again. But since a certain moment I go not only to visit the sea, the sun and the landscape. Art beckons me. Namely, my longtime friend, the artist Andrei Orlov, lives and works in Yalta.
I found the composition of the picture in the gallery unusual, even impudent. The canvas was divided exactly in half by the horizon line: mountains and to the left the familiar silhouette of Ai Petri. I bought it and found the author.

Many years have passed since then. Many of Andrei's works are already in my collection. But every year I try to add to it.

Orlov received his classical education at the Samokish School in Simferopol. And there is a certain school in Crimea, crowned by the work of the incomparable Korovin Fyodor Zakharov. Of course, it could not but influence Andrei. But at that time I was mainly collecting plein air studies. For a collector, starting with realism is a classic of the genre.

We were quite contrasting characters with Andrei. But that's probably what attracted us to each other during our many years of communication. We have discovered and continue to discover world greats of painting in parallel. And this is what fascinates me in Orlov's work. One could say that he betrayed the Crimean school. He is almost alone in the search for his own plastic and coloristic expressiveness. And probably he strives, or so it turns out, to surprise not only the witnesses of his creations, but also himself. As a poet does not know what kind of verse he will write next.
They say that locals rarely go to the sea, not like vacationers. Probably Andrei also perceives and refracts his impressions of Crimea in his own way, not considering himself a Crimean artist. It is obvious that he is dialoguing with Matisse, Rothko, De Kooning, Puni, de Stael, Auerbach, Jorn and he knows better with whom else....

My task is to discover in the new works what resonates with me and to continue my part of the History of Art with the help of Crimean creator Andrei Orlov.

What he will be able to warm up the freezing art-Moscow - we can find out at the vernissage!

exhibition curator Alexey Vasiliev

Opening night is January 20 at 7:00pm!

ArtMaison Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya 35 p 23
Vk - vk.com/artmaisongallery
Telegram - t.me/artmaison

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