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THAT'S WHY I'M HERE is a solo exhibition of quantum artist Katerina Meshcherinova at Moscow Gostiny Dvor

Exhibition 22 − January 31

We invite you to visit the exhibition "WHY I AM HERE" by MAQ academic, quantum artist, and gallerist - Katerina Meshcherinova at Art KM Gallery from January 22 to 31.

The gallery halls were filled with more than 100 objects of paintings, graphics, family heirlooms and porcelain. Including children's drawings and a collection of paintings by her grandfather, Arkady Meshcherinov.

❇️ Manifesto

She is here to open people to their own hidden worlds. Her path is paved right here. She is happy to make a personal contribution to this Reality.

How did she end up here? This is a complex and simple question, as the answer is born out of a combination of factors. Some of you may think it is fate or chance, but we believe that we have made our own way out of past lives.

We once made the choice to learn through our experiences, living different life situations and recognizing the differences between good and evil. These lessons helped us to develop spiritually and find our place in this world.

Katerina Meshcherinova is not just an artist, she summons true emotions and travels the road to Paradise in the rhythm of the Universe no matter how long and difficult these roads seem. They still lead to our true meaning.

Each person's path is destined by certain conditions manifested through emotions, situations and decisions made.

This is how one gains freedom of choice through the experiences of our life cycles. These experiences shape one's outlook on life and help one to move forward remembering one's origins.

Life is like a complex puzzle where every step is a part of a big plan. The embodied Soul piece by piece collects the puzzles of knowledge of itself and reflects this knowledge into the surrounding World.

‼️Мы is here to give meaning to life and unlock your potential by creating for the benefit of others, as we encourage you to do as well.

✅ That answers the question! Why is she here?!

? Katerina is here because she is led by her faith in God the Man and his Omnipresent Spirit.

❤️ Believe in your path, follow your heart, and remember that in each of us lives the power that leads through the quiet joy of realizing our belonging to the Great Plan of the Good Creator to Universal Love.

☎️ For all questions write WA +7 (926) 903 20 43

Attendance is by ticket. Registration at the entrance or by THIS BLUE BUTTON.

Guest ticket = 500 p.

Personal tour of the exhibition with the artist = 1.000 p. (up to 25 minutes).

❇️ See you from January 22 to 31 at the exhibition "THIS IS WHY I AM HERE" at Art KM Gallery, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Khrustalny pereulok 1, section 84.

Galleries at the exhibition