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Where does homeland begin?!

Exhibition 12 − February 24
Exhibition Manifesto

Homeland is not just a geographical concept, politics, economics, business, corporate or personal interests.... Other ...

Motherland is a sacred word, a string of the heart, a source of inspiration and strength, a communion with the heavenly purpose, love of neighbor and creation.

Motherland is the blossoming land of the soul, where we grew up and where we return to in times of adversity. Memory, where we keep our most precious memories. The thoughts with which we go into the World.

Homeland - our history, traditions and culture. The link between generations, past and future. Events and destinies, aspirations and aspirations. People's unity and the great heritage of our ancestors.

Homeland - a spacious bright house where our relatives, friends and neighbors live. Children - whom we give birth to. Parents - whom we cherish.

The homeland is us - the people,
that surround us on a daily basis,
Passersby and commuters,
The unfamiliar and the recognizable,
Fed and hungry,
Shoe and barefoot,
Rich and poor,
The valiant frontrunners of labor
And those left out of the social ship.

Homeland is the Earth on which we walk, Mentality, belief in our own strength and capabilities. Natural riches, cities and villages, Directions and paths, tragedies and achievements.

The homeland is an open-air Temple in which we turn to God.

The homeland begins with each of us!

Acceptance of applications from authors until February 11 inclusive. By directions - painting/graphics/sculpture/photo/DPI/Art objects. We are open to your proposals!

See you at the address: Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Khrustalny pereulok 1, section 84.
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