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Art of Limoges enamels of XIX-XX centuries

Exhibition 10 − February 16
From February 10-16, ArtMaison Gallery will be showing a private exhibition entitled "The Art of Limoges Enamels of the 19th and 20th Centuries"

Opening on 10.02.24 at 19:00

Learning about the present through excursions into the past...

ArtMaison Gallery boldly pushes the conventional boundaries of its creative empire and on February 10 will present the unique in its philosophy and historical value exhibition "The Art of Limoges enamels of XIX-XX centuries" for the judgment of the eager audience.

Rare in its diverse subjects, the exposition consists of 70 items of private collection, which was replenished over several generations of one family, which is a rare phenomenon for our country.

There is no doubt about it: enamel is always expensive and rich! As a luxury item, it has traveled a long, centuries-long path from the royal court and ivy-covered chivalric castles to the modern establishment and the richest strata of society. The works of several masters will give you the opportunity to enjoy the mundane subjects and see the everyday life of a recently deceased history through scenes and detailed images. But at the same time... unexpectedly lay your first "brick" in the foundation of your own collection.

Limoges enamels organically fit both in the strict office of a modern "specialist in human unclosed gestalts" and in a designer's kitchen in the style "à la Provence". Collection enamels, perhaps, better than any psychologist can adjust the broken swings of modern man's consciousness (living in the cycle of historical events), thus achieving simultaneously, several goals: the value of owning a rare work of art, impressive external aesthetics of the work and skillful investment of funds!

All the works on display are available for purchase. Such a chance is given directly very rarely. Do not delay with your choice - call. Some works are reserved even before the exhibition starts.

Aaron Gelrud

exhibition curator Mikhail Stenin
Nikolay Kozlov
Anna Saroyan
Lisa Ashwa

ArtMaison Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya 35 p 23
Vk - vk.com/artmaisongallery
Telegram - t.me/artmaison
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