"DIALOGUE WITH THE SPIRIT" Project "SUSTAINABILITY: Being Intelligent from an Evolutionary Perspective

Exhibition May 18 − June 18
Within the framework of the project "Sustainability"We invite you to an exhibition where artists reflect on human development through self-discovery and unity with the world.

The soul is our compass that leads to inner stability. "Dialogue with the soul" is not just a conversation with oneself, but also a connection with the surrounding, a search for answers to questions about oneself and one's desires.

At the exhibition, you will be welcomed:

Reflections on dialog: between people and their souls, between man and the world.
The impact of soul evolution: on our perceptions, relationships and self-development.
Variety of forms: painting, sculpture, installation, performance, video art.
Curator: Natalia Lukomskaya.

Artists: Natalia Lukomskaya, Katerina Bim, Karina Sokerï, Albina Bunina, Alla Chad, Ekaterina Afonina-Sukhovertseva, LillasArt (Nadezhda Opekunova), Kitanna Ria, Tatiana Kudryavtseva.

Where: Exhibition halls of the Darwin Museum (57 Vavilova St., Moscow).


For anyone who wants to better understand themselves and their feelings.
For those who are looking for their path and striving for self-development.
For lovers of philosophy and psychology.
No age restrictions.

Sponsored by ART OF OPEN HEART.

Contacts: +7 909-905-8558, Artvuki@gmail.com

Website: artofopenheart.ru

Galleries at the exhibition