Engraving room in the Gostiny Dvor of Moscow at the gallery of Katerina Meshcherinova

Exhibition June 6, 2024 − September 9, 2099

? AN EVENT IN THE WORLD OF PRINTS/PRINTS/PRINTMAKING! The art of printmaking at all times is rightly considered elitist!

Being the most traditional and at the same time the most democratic form of art, printed graphics does not lose its relevance and in every era finds a new application.

Opening of the Engraving Room under the arches of the Gostiny Dvor at the gallery of Katerina Meshcherinova contributes to attracting the viewer to the few and rare art of engravers and book printers!

Engraving - This delicate and technically complex art has a long history and is based on a centuries-old tradition.

Printmaking at its birth was the most avant-garde art technique.

Its emergence is usually attributed to Gutenberg's revolution - the advent of the printing press and the printed book in 1450. In fact, engraving is much older than this invention, with roots in ancient China, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The invention of the printing press is majestic and revolutionary like a gigantic peak raised by the genius of man over the dark, ignorant Middle Ages, not only as a historical formation, but also as a manifestation of collective consciousness that still exists today.

Evaluating prints and book printing in terms of the consequences of its invention for humanity further emphasizes the grandiosity of the original printers' cause.

Few achievements of world science and technology can be put on a par with book printing by the power of its impact on human existence, on the development of society. It is difficult and even frightening to imagine the present world without printed books, cartography and all circulating products, including paper money.

The graceful ringing of the finest lines in etching and the unbridled boldness of spots in linocut attracted the attention of the Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Igor Chernyshov and his apprentice Ivan Kelarev.

Sketching, engraving, etching and printing instill in the artist patience, diligence and attention to detail throughout the creative process.

Consistent and strict execution of the technological process serves as a reminder of the continuity of traditions of medieval printers who gave the world the book.

You can view the exhibition and purchase the author's prints at the KM Gallery at: Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Khrustalny pereulok 1, section 84.

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