FLASHBACK. Ukrainian media art of the 1990s

Exhibition March 1 − May 6, 2018
Exhibition"FLASHBACK. Ukrainian media art of the 1990s" continues a series of projects Mystetskyi Arsenal, devoted to the history of modern Ukrainian art – names, events, schools, and periods.

Media art considered a young art form, because he was only in the 60-ies of the twentieth century. First, this genre was only a few artists, but since the second half of the 80's video art has spread worldwide and has become an integral part of new media art. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian video art emerged only in the early 90s, by the end of the decade, the artists and the artist experimented with many types, methods and techniques of this art form: the short film that experiments with form, morph (with English morphing, transformation is a special effect that creates a smooth transition between objects), reformatted movie, clipping, 3D animation, online mode, interactive, mediainstance, as well as documentation of exhibitions and art events. Much of this is presented in the project "FLASHBACK. Ukrainian media art of the 1990s".

The exhibition includes the work of Anatoly Gankevich, Oleg Migas, Miroslav Kulchitsky, Vadim Charskogo, Arsen Savadov, Georgy Senchenko, Alexander Gnilitsky, Andrew Boyarov, Paul Carestia, Eduard Kolodiy, Igor Gusev, Dmitry Dulfan, Alexander Roitburd, Ivan Tsyupko, Ilya Chichkan and many others.