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Women artists in the impressionist era

Exhibition February 17 − May 13, 2018
Museum of art James Speed is a ground-breaking exhibition "Women artists of the era of impressionism". The exhibition widely covers the key and crucial Chapter in the history of art, in which an international group of women artists overcame limitations by gender, making wonderful creative steps on the path to success.

This exhibition presents more than eighty paintings by thirty-seven artists from thirteen countries. The exhibits are taken from well-known collections in the United States and abroad. Among the artists whose works are announced at the show as well-known names: Berthe Morisot and Rosa Bonheur (France), Mary Cassatt (USA), and less popular, but no less talented colleagues, including Anna Anker (Denmark), Lila Cabot Perry (USA) and Paula modersohn-Becker (Germany).

In the mid-nineteenth century Paris was the center of the art world, luring artists from around the world in their academies, museums, salons and galleries. Many female artists went to the French capital to develop their art and career, but, in spite of the cosmopolitan nature of the city, gender norms remained remarkably conservative.

Only in the last decade of the NINETEENTH century French women began gradually to their fundamental rights. In addition, until 1897 women were not allowed to visit the National higher school of fine arts in Paris, so they had to look for alternative sources of education in private art academies and schools.

The exhibition "Women-artists of the impressionist" expand our understanding of this rich historical period of art history and demonstrate a complex role of women artists participating in the main currents of European modernism, including realism, impressionism and symbolism. Women whose works feature in this exhibition, not only created a talented and powerful paintings, but also created the momentum which led to equality in the art world.

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