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Goya and the Enlightenment yard

Exhibition February 14 − May 28, 2018
Exhibition"Goya and the courtyard of the Enlightenment" in the Museum of fine arts of Bilbao, talks about the success of the artist at the courts of kings Charles III and Charles IV Spanish. The show is organized with the participation of the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Foundation of the Bank La Caixa. It contains 96 papers, most of which (52 oil paintings, documents and letters, and decorative items) sent in the Prado Museum.

9 more paintings are stored in private collections of the Museum of fine arts of Bilbao, and the rest were sent to the Museum of Ponce Puerto Rico, Zaragoza Museum, Colección Ibercaja Foundation, other organizations and many private collectors.

The main group of canvases and cartoons Goya complement the work of other important artists of the XVIII century, such as Louis of Paret, Mariano Maella, josé del Castillo, Luis Melendez, Antonio Carnicero and Lorenzo Tiepolo. All together they give an idea of the context of the work of Goya and demonstrate outstanding originality of his works.