"Time : After the Future", contemporary art exhibition

Exhibition December 22, 2017 − March 18, 2018
From 22 December to 22 January in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened the exhibition of contemporary art "Time&Astana: After the Future".

The exhibition is a collaboration of artists, architects, filmmakers, designers, scientists, anthropologists, philosophers and sociologists in the framework of the project "Art Сollider - When art meets science", initiated by the Creative communication platform Artcom.

Interdisciplinary exhibition "Time and Astana: After the future" - an artistic study of time in the fabric of the city, trying to find a foothold for the possibility of interaction and reflection.

In our study the city as an object of sociological knowledge, as the object of artistic reflection. If we recognize that the city is primarily its people that represents the true value, what solutions we can offer artists for the development of friendly environment in the public space of the city? How to assign Astana, make it personal and thereby to help people to find their place in the space of the city among large-scale buildings weathered and distances.