Form water

Exhibition March 18 − July 8, 2018
"Form of time" first group exhibition, conceived by the Museum of art history in Vienna under the program "Modern and contemporary". It brings together works created in the past century and in our time. Nearby are the artworks of Tiziano vecelli, and William Turner, Rembrandt van Rijn and Mark Rothko, Peter Paul Rubens and Maria Lassnig, Edouard Manet and Diego velázquez.

The works are thoughtfully placed in the halls of the gallery to show the common historical and modern objects. Visitors are invited to watch at the same time in the past and the present, comparing the exhibits, separated by hundreds of years. Supervisors are not trying to retell the history of art the last two hundred years, but rather to convey the conversation that occurs over the centuries, to make contemporary work part of it and to demonstrate continuity.

The exhibition is arranged chronologically, with paintings by Turner's Stormy sea, dated 1842, and ends with a major new work created specifically for the exhibition by renowned American artist Kerry James Marshall in response to the work of Tintoretto.

The exhibits were provided, in particular, the British Museum and the Tate gallery in London, the Metropolitan Museum in new York, the Picasso Museum and the Musee d'orsay in Paris, the art Institute in Chicago, as well as private collectors.