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About the exhibition
As you can assume, based on the title, in fact, the exhibition will carry erotic overtones. Our task is to strip the canvas. To strip the canvas of each work and the consciousness of the beholder. We want to give you the opportunity to experience different techniques and style, different position and manner of transmission of perception. Different about different things. The variety of art works, personal experiences of each viewer, a vision of aesthetic beauty in art, is what will give us the opening to talk and confess to the world in sensibility and understanding of the current bold art! ▫That's why we believe that you can't lock yourself in a circular frame! That is why the exhibition will not only contain art works. Would ceramic like painting, and abstract themed visuals, as the film of our consciousness, and the tattoo show that will say that each of us not just people, each of us is a canvas. And all this will end with a lecture on the topic: "How to talk about contemporary art?" ▫"I want to undress for you art!" What do you want? 🔌https://www.facebook.…248/?ti=cl
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