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Water lilies. American abstract painting and late Monet

Exhibition April 13 − August 20, 2018
Exhibition"Water lilies. American abstract painting and the later Monet" in the heart of Paris, maps 10 famous paintings of the French painter with two dozen major works of American artists. The curators see how impressionism was expressionism.

An exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the creation of the series "Water lilies", has collected paintings of iconic artists of the postwar period, as mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman. The show opens with a large-scale work also really like Ellsworth Kelly, which is especially vividly demonstrates the influence of Claude Monet.

Director of museums and curator of the exhibition, cécile Debray says that many American critics have considered Mona as a bridge between impressionism and the new York school. After Clement Greenberg saw his "Water lilies" in Paris in 1954, he suggested that Newman, and clyfford still followed in the footsteps of his older colleagues from France.

It should be noted that the works of Monet took a long time to achieve popularity in the United States. The Director of the Museum of modern art (MoMA) in new York, Alfred Barr belatedly agreed to the purchase of the first "Water lilies" collection in 1955. It happened at a time when abstract expressionism was at the height of influence. After that the American galleries have begun to buy paintings of the impressionist. Museums in the Midwest, including the Nelson-Atkins in Cleveland and the Institute of arts in Minneapolis, became the owners of the later works by Monet a year later.

Paris exhibition can boast that it has collected major works, many of which are rarely exhibited together, and rarely travel. The list of such "heavyweights" includes paintings of Helen frankenthaler, Morris Louis, Philip Densely and Sam Francis. Important exhibits sent, among others, the new York Museum of American art, the Whitney, and the Musee d'orsay in Paris.

Photo: sortiraparis.com