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TSHR exhibition project "Art today. The sins and merits"

Exhibition May 17 − June 3, 2018
The creative Union of artists of Russia supported by Russian Academy of arts and GBUK of Moscow "Exhibition hall "Tushino" is a large-scale publishing and exhibition project "Art today". The annual exhibition "Art today" — a kind of historical milestone. This year's theme was "Blessings and Sins". The exhibition covers a wide range of philosophical issues and ways of their implementation, as well as a modern interpretation of the theme, which has its roots deep in the past. Viewers will see how the associations connected with vices and virtues embodied in religious subjects, allegorical personifications, symbolic images, social and ethical issues.

The exhibition presents about 200 works of painting, graphics, decorative arts, iconography, design, art photo. Multifaceted and diverse exhibition will bring together artists of almost all genres and directions of fine art. Modern art presents the process due to the interesting and multifaceted creative search and experiments.

Together with well-known artists and their works represent young talented authors. Traditions of professionalism, sincerity, creativity, originality and dedication to the arts is distinctive features announcing today the art project.

The exhibition will open may 17 at 18:00.
At the opening of the exhibition will be a presentation catalog, which included all the participants ' works presented in the exhibition.

May 19, in the framework of the Museum Night from 18:00 to 19:00 participant of the exhibition project "Art today" Maria Valdez of Odriosola, will hold the author's master-class "Paradise landscape", the guests of the hall will be able to see how the artist creates his painting. Maria Valdez of Odriosola, candidate of Culturology, member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia, Union of journalists of Moscow, the Union of artists of Russia, the scholar of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

Moscow, Jan Boulevard Rainis, 19, K. 1, journey to the metro station shodnenskaya