Leonardo da Vinci. The history of the genius who changed the world

Exhibition March 2 − September 2, 2018
In the multimedia gallery «SQUARES» Sokolniki Park hosts an exhibition «Leonardo da Vinci. The history of the genius who changed the world».

This multimedia exhibition invites visitors to join the secrets of the great creator, «universal person» Renaissance, who was a genius not only in painting and sculpture, but also talented himself in various fields - engineering, invention, writing, music, science.

Leonardo da Vinci is a titan of the Renaissance, a man who was well ahead of his time. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to plunge into the world of the works of a brilliant scientist, artist, person who had a tremendous influence on the cultural development of the whole world, and find out what predictions are encoded in his works.

At the exhibition you can see the unique prototype of the flying machine, admire «Jokondo», «Madonna in the rocks», «John the Baptist» and other masterpieces of the master, which, along with his inventions, come to life on giant screens.

According to the materials of the multimedia site galleries «SQUARES»and kudago.com.