Farewell Wail – exhibition-action

Exhibition January 31 − March 4, 2017
Drawing on the walls 31 Jan – 18 Feb
Exhibition before auction February 21 – March 4
Auction — 4 March at 19:00

Our walls can safely be considered the victims of modern art for twenty-five years, every two weeks the artists used them for mounting, making more holes with nails and screws. Originally the walls were really just a surface for fixing the works, and the holes in them were smeared, glued and painted, but at some point they began to acquire his "face" and even to compete with the works for the visitor's attention.

Now it is hard to say, when did this shift towards a clear victory of the walls. Borey has never been "sterile" exhibition space, but rather their attrition created a comfortable atmosphere for performance shares or "actions" as they used to say in the Association "New stupid". Did not exist and there are no clear rules and setups that may show in the gallery Borey, but what is no place. It is this lack of criteria has helped us to demonstrate the works of artists, who were strangers to other spaces. Sometimes the reason was the lack of a commercial component – but who can objectively evaluate?; or excessive marginalization – losing at some stage of its charm, or, on the contrary, the involvement of the "other" party.
Northwind creates the environment, but the environment directly affects the nature of the work of Boreas. Therefore, our feverish stability has never been stable enough to make a single deep breath. The pace is more akin to privodnoi and heavy breathing, which to some extent blurs the picture of the surrounding space and several desorientiert. At this rate, we worked for 26 years, having lost a sense of belonging to the surrounding reality, completely lost sight of how our wall is out of control and won the war for the attention of the visitor.
Defeated atmosphere, sometimes completely overshadowing the artistic content, which is perceived as something parallel. Space is struggling for existence, ignoring the progress and change of generations. And to win this battle is only one way – remembering its history, thus confirming the inviolability. That's how was born the idea of action painting on the plaster. At the mercy of the artist are given to all the Galleries, and we are not going to control the process and especially to lead them.
The artists taking part in the action: Mitya Shagin, Alexander, Olga and Katya florenskys, Valran, Manya Alexeeva, Kerim Ragimov, Dmitry Shorin, Felix Volosenkov, Marina Spivak, Alexander Pozin, Kolya Kopeikin, Simon Motolyanets, Alexander Morozov.
Galleries at the exhibition