Masterpiece by Karl Brullov. New character definition

Exhibition August 9 − October 1, 2018
State Russian Museum presents the exhibition «Masterpiece by Karl Brullov. New character definition».

In the collection of the Russian Museum there is a picture that has long been considered a portrait of a certain Ulyana M. Smirnova. The canvas dates from the end of the 1830s and, despite the fact that there is no artist’s signature, Bryullov’s authorship is beyond doubt. After all, the work is distinguished by the soft lyricism of the image, characteristic of the best works of the great artist, in the genre of the so-called intimate portrait.

For a long time, the picture was simply called «Female portrait». For the first time, the work as an image of Ulyana M. Smirnova was published in a monograph by E. N. Atsarkina on K. P. Bryullov. However, who is U.M. Smirnov could not figure out.

And recently, after a long, painstaking research, the attribution of the portrait has been completely revised. The exhibition allows you to trace a detailed history of the definition of the true name of the portrait of the Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna (1825–1844), the youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas I by the Russian Museum. This is the only almost complete portrait of a member of the imperial family in the work of K. P. Bryullov.

Based on the materials of the official site The State Russian Museum.