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Exhibition September 2, 2018 − January 1, 2019
Beyeler Foundation dedicatedretrospective exhibition the legendary artist Balthazar Klossovsky de Rola (1908 - 2001), known under the pseudonym Balthus. This is the first exhibition of his work in Switzerland in the last decade and the first comprehensive presentation of his work in the German-speaking part of the country.

Balthus is considered one of the great masters of the 20th century and, of course, one of the truly unique artists of his time. In his complex and multifaceted work, which some admired and categorically did not perceive others, he embodied the alternative and challenge to modern avant-garde movements. He refers to a whole range of artistic and historical traditions and, at the same time, his eccentric style demonstrates its own specificity, which now seems almost postmodern and modern.

The starting point for the exhibition at the Beyeler Foundation was a monumental work. «Trade passage San Andre» (1952 - 1954), which has recently been in the museum on a permanent lease. This mysterious work personifies the intense interaction of the artist with space and time and with their relationship with figures and objects.

The exhibition collected about fifty significant paintings from each period of creativity Balthus. In his works, calm and tension are combined in a completely unique way, they personify a lot of contradictions, mixing dream and reality, eroticism and innocence, real and incomprehensible, famous and supernatural.

After finishing work in Switzerland, the exhibition will move to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.