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Major Exhibition«Mantegna and Bellini» at the National Gallery in London, a story about two artists and relatives, a story of their fame, family, rivalry, and personalities. This is the first exposition in the world history devoted to the creative connections of these painters.

Bellini made a career in Padua and Venice, and Mantegna became famous as the court painter of the influential Gonzaga family in Mantua. The brilliant compositional innovation of Andrea Mantegna and the atmospheric natural landscapes of Giovanni Bellini surprised the audience of the Renaissance - no one had ever seen anything like it before.

Exhibition «Mantegna and Bellini» It gives the audience a unique opportunity to once in their life see together in London rare paintings and drawings of two of the most influential artists of the Renaissance, borrowed from collections around the world.

The exhibition is organized by the National Gallery in London with the participation of the Berlin State Museums and the British Museum.
1459, 76×96 cm
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