Exhibition September 26, 2018 − January 21, 2019
Love is a universal emotion, but there are many ways of its manifestation and they have constantly evolved throughout history. From period to period, changes in romantic relationships have become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists.

Exhibitionin the Louvre-Lance Museum traces the love story from original sin to the desire for freedom in the XX century. This love story, which in turn inspired adoration, passion, gallantry, licentiousness and romanticism. This historical review, illustrated by a selection of 250 works of art, is not intended to be exhaustive, but prefers a selective approach.

Each of the seven sections emphasizes an important turning point in love. As this story is gradually revealed - and accented with quotations from books and films - the exhibition presents masterpieces of ancient sculpture, jewels of the Middle Ages, paintings by Memling, Fragonard and Delacroix, sculptures by Canova, Rodin and Claudel.