Bathing at Asnières

Georges Seurat • Painting, 1884, 200×300 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Genre scene
Style of art: Pointillism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1884
Size: 200×300 cm
Artwork in collection: Pointillism Irina Olikh
Artwork in selections: 60 selections

Description of the artwork «Bathing at Asnières»

A Georges Seurat wrote "Bathing at Asnières". When the jury of the Salon rejected the painting, he broke with the Salon and, like many other artists, went to the Salon rejected. Reviews of the painting were radically opposed, but unnoticed work is not exactly the left, and the artist should do it.

"Bathing at Asnières" it demonstrates the approach of Seurat to painting. Theoretically, it could be impressionistic. In favor of this version and choose the theme – love of the Impressionists to water landscapes is well known. But the attitude portrayed from Sulfur is not impressionistic. There is no lightness, transience and elements of randomness. On the contrary, the composition of the painting is strictly thought out, before moving on to the final, Sera was not written by one sketch (1, 2).

Sulfur is not particularly respected painting plein air, because it came to the process of painting from the positions of the first classic, and later their own. If the composition in the open air can be thoroughly postroiki, huge picture points the more will not write.

The painting "bathing at Asnières" depicts a Sunny day, probably Sunday – working Sunday off, and they go to sunbathe and relax. Here clearly shows that the workers, not the upper light. Perhaps some of them are and working with plants, pipes which are visible in the distance behind the bridge. Someone lay down on the grass right in the clothes, someone sitting on their own spread shirt.

Pay attention to the fact that bathing is the story of the Impressionists is extremely common, but, as a rule, talking about the women's bathing. Men most often, when present, as connoisseurs of female beauty. Here before us is bathing men. And on the shore, having missed many opportunities to write half-naked beauties, Sulfur also showed sunbathing men, and the slightest hint of their athletic build we don't see such a normal male figure. The boy standing in the water with his back to the audience – a hint of "The Bather Of Valpincon" Ingres.
Point method of applying color which Sulfur has already been used in this painting creates a feeling of a certain timelessness, madremanya, which, combined with household story gives a special effect. Workers who came in on his day off to relax and swim in the Seine, becoming monumental.

Unsteady haze emanating from the picture, and the resulting set of points, as if completely neutralized the category of time, which bogged down in this shaky, a colored mist. The air shimmers and shines and it is impossible to feel a single breath – every movement banished from the picture.

It is interesting to compare the "bathing at Asnières" with the most famous painting by Seurat "Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte". Two banks of one river, which each other not to get. On one side people taking their shirts off and bask in the sun on the second – hiding from him in the shade of the umbrellas. Sulphur is shown in these two pictures the front and inside of Paris. Secular La Grande Jatte and working Asnieres. The boy in the water looks intently at the opposite shore – upper light will desire to have fun on the island of La Grande Jatte.

Author: Alain Esaulova