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Govert Flink (niderl. Govert (Govaert) Teuniszoon Flinck; January 25, 1615, Kleve, Germany — February 2, 1660, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) — Dutch painter, portrait painter, artist of the Golden Age. Comes from a family of merchants. His father sent him as an apprentice to the tailor, but the craving for painting turned out to be stronger. Govert Flink’s first mentor was an artist Lambert jacobswho wrote historical canvases and was a famous Mennonite pastor.

In 1633, Govert Flink moved to Amsterdam and entered the workshop to Rembrandt van Rhine. He became one of their best students master. Three years later he left the studio and became an independent artist. In 1656, he married Sophia van der Hoven, the daughter of one of the directors of the Dutch East India Company. He died at the age of 45, not having time to complete a large project — 12 canvases with historical characters and battle scenes for the Amsterdam Town Hall.

Features of the artist Goverth Flink: The first period of creativity, researchers call the best. At this time he wrote portraits, mythological and religious subjects. The most famous painting of this period is Isaac blessing Jacob. After leaving the workshop of Rembrandt, he began to write a lot of portraits. They can replace the influence of a popular artist. Bartholomeus van der Gelstwith his decorative manner of writing. In the later period he created group portraits in a solemn baroque manner.

Famous paintings of Govert Flink: "Rembrandt in the image of a cowgirl with a flute","Captain Albert’s Company","Bathsheba with a letter from King David","Isaac blesses Jacob","Manny Kurii Dentat preferred turnips to gold".

Author: Alexandra Berezhnaya

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Artworks by the artist
19 artworks total
Gowert Flink. Landscape with obelisk
Landscape with obelisk
1638, 54.5×71 cm
Gowert Flink. Landscape with a cart
Landscape with a cart
1640, 63×45 cm
Gowert Flink. The Sacrifice Of Manoah;
The Sacrifice Of Manoah;
Middle XVII centuries, 78×105 cm
Gowert Flink. Female portrait
Female portrait
1659, 69.5×61 cm
Gowert Flink. Portrait of a young man
Portrait of a young man
1637, 73×57.5 cm
Gowert Flink. Bathsheba with letter of king David
Bathsheba with letter of king David
1659, 115×87 cm
Gowert Flink. Self portrait at the age of 24 years
Self portrait at the age of 24 years
65.8×54.4 cm
Gowert Flink. Manias Curiae Dental prefer turnips to gold
Manias Curiae Dental prefer turnips to gold
1656, 480×37 cm
Gowert Flink. Rembrandt as a cowherd boy with a flute
Rembrandt as a cowherd boy with a flute
1636, 74.5×64 cm
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