Ivan Aivazovsky • Painting, 1889, 304×505 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Marina
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1889
Size: 304×505 cm
Artwork in selections: 31 selections

Description of the artwork «Wave»

The public name Ivan Aivazovskystrongly associated with sea landscapes — majestic, breathtaking and exciting. Such glory artist brought his famous paintings "The ninth wave", "Brig "Mercury", "Rainbow"and many others. In the huge list of Marin authorship of this remarkable painter, which to this day attract the attention of connoisseurs of the genre — Aivazovsky painting "the Wave".

The power and beauty of the nature

Aivazovsky often went to swimming (a trip from Holland to England, travelling to the US, participated in the Maritime expeditions of F. Litke), knew firsthand about the temper of the sea. In one of his trips the ship crossing the Bay of Biscay, fell in such a violent storm that the Newspapers of Paris, reported the wreck of the ship and the death of the artist. Perhaps Aivazovsky painting "the Wave" it is one of the memories of the master, transferred to canvas: it is known that the painter was working from memory, making sketches from nature and then working through them in his workshop. This style allowed Aivazovsky to improvise, not being tied to a specific time.

In recent years the artist changed the color scheme of his paintings devoted to the sea. If the earlier panoramas, depicted in his paintings were illuminated by the light of the sun and caused public debate on the topic "Painted the light or the picture is worth the candle?", the "Wave" is an Aivazovsky painting, dominated by dark tones. Light shades here used the wizard to image thick foam that appears on the crests of surging waves during a strong storm. Glare dancing on the tops of the shafts and water as if illuminating them from the inside is the glow of lightning, flying from the top of the heavy leaden clouds.

The Central "character" of a picture of Ayvazovsky "the Wave" is the sea. Serenity turquoise surface was replaced by the roaring billows, whose size is terrifying: it is evident from the remains of the ship, which at any minute will go to the bottom, giving up the unequal struggle. Out of the depths, sticks out just the tip of the mast, iscrepancy the signal flag on one of them and the three team members, vainly trying to escape the wrath of Poseidon, on the other.
From the sinking of a sailing vessel be removed from a boat, Packed with people. Looking closely, you can see that sitting in it, the sailors pulled from the sea a few miserable captivity. The impending wave threatens to engulf the sinking ship and the boat, and sailors, the last effort clinging to a huge wreck — Aivazovsky painting tells us that the elements no pity, and caught in the center of the storm can only rely on a miracle.

To convey the scale of the tragedy, the artist chose canvas dimensions 505 x 304 see Is a huge canvas makes the events so real that after a minute, the viewer can feel like one of the characters in the paintings by Aivazovsky "the Wave", and very impressionable — to feel the breath of cold and salty wind. You can verify this by visiting the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg — this is the painting that is considered one of the best marine painter Aivazovsky.