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The flood

Ivan Aivazovsky • Painting, 1864, 246.5×319 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Religious scene
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1864
Size: 246.5×319 cm
Artwork in selections: 47 selections

Description of the artwork «The flood»

Aivazovsky painting "the deluge" (oil on canvas) is a striking work by the great painter of seascapes. Work on the painting began in 1864-m. As you know, many masterpieces of world art history written on the stories of the Bible, and the story of the flood is not just used by different artists. And Aivazovsky himself several times throughout his life he returned to this famous story.

Hardly anyone else besides Aivazovsky, could display such skill scope of the tragedy, the perfect storm raging in the sky and the ground, a huge wave, covering the ledges of the rocks that are trying to cling to people and other living beings. The characters of this song in groups – the center clearly stands out, the old man, which surrounds the whole family; the dying woman, and also a group of people in adoration pose. Quite interesting images which denounce the greed, the futility of the efforts of man to escape his rock, the image of the king and priest, seated on elephants with vessels of gold, from saving jewelry.

Aivazovsky painting "the flood" was shown at the exhibition of the Academy of arts in 1864 and became a resonance among the Russian intelligentsia. Later it was bought by Alexander II and was transferred to the Hermitage.

Paintings plot

The foam of the sea again appeared in the work of the brilliant master. The painting depicts a rather primal force unbridled disaster than the story of the sacred Letters. The emphasis is on the sea, threatening the beauty and grandeur even of cruelty. Brush painter, demonstrates the huge shafts victory over all things. Terrible waves will not spare anything alive, because there are certain laws according to which action element, and they are tough and relentless. The author needed to show how powerful nature can be in comparison with any of the people. To curb its impossible, and if you find yourself in the abyss of waters, then there is no turning back.

An irresistible element attracts like a hypnosis. People die in the depths of the sea – the whole palette of colors foreshadows the tragic outcome, the impossibility of salvation. On the brilliant Aivazovsky's painting "the flood" we see the desperation of a man left alone with terrible disaster. Humanity is the only chance of cleansing – the only way people can find redemption and mercy from the Creator. Sea is often presented by the author of the universal framework of nature and history, water vanish the sins and the darkness, the element master is a glimmer of hope and faith despite the darkness and sadness.

Summary of the work suggests a way out of the darkness in a different field – in the world of light and goodness. This is emphasized with bright colors in the left part of the picture, directly above a bunch of suffering from disasters, people – as if the clouds disperse, and the blessed light takes the sinful soul. The artist managed using paint to convey a sense of life, deep emotions on the canvas, so looking at Aivazovsky's painting "the deluge", we are experiencing such a deep and sincere emotions.