Morning in a pine forest

Ivan Shishkin • Painting, 1889, 139×213 cm
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape, Animalism
Style of art: Realism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1889
Size: 139×213 cm
Artwork in selections: 150 selections
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Description of the artwork «Morning in a pine forest»

This is probably the most famous painting by Ivan Shishkin. Even far from painting people, if not wrote in the school "writing-a description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Morning in a pine forest""that, too, with the candy "Bruin Bear" probably faced. Factory "Red October" invented a candy with the same name and picture Shishkin bears and chocolate "Three bears" on the wrapper which appeared all the same bears – all four, incidentally. But a Mama bear is not considered, and the name "the Three bears" is so stuck in this image that sometimes so called, and the painting. By the way, Pavel Tretyakov with such statement of a question clearly would not have agreed – he thought the key in this picture is the landscape, not the bears, we can tell you more.

By the way, in Soviet time there were humorous alternate title of the painting "Bears in logging". Often the famous painting called Shishkin "Morning in a pine forest". Remember that the bears still greet the dawn in the forest, and a synonym of "Bor" is used in the name of many other works by Shishkin.

People's love for "the bears" very large, and the fame of this painting is simply phenomenal. Interestingly, the bears appeared in the picture Shishkin as the result of a collaboration with another artist. In 1888 Shishkin painted "Fog in a pine forest" According to one version, looking to him each artist Konstantin Savitsky said it would be great in this kind of landscape to fit the cubs, thus I gave the idea, but in the end it and implemented. However sketch 1886 refuted this version. Bears have been conceived already. Featured bears and the sketch 1889. However, the final picture bears wrote Sawicki is a reliable fact.

But why in the picture one author? It is not necessary to suspect Ivan Shishkin in hiding collaborator. If you look closely in the lower left corner, you can see that near the autograph Shishkin something of a cliché. It is just the signature of Savitsky, and overwritten, it is definitely not on the initiative of Shishkin. The picture was commissioned by Pavel Tretyakov. He wanted the work of Shishkin, and as used to get what she wants, Konstantin Savitsky in this case no luck: Pavel Tretyakov, seeing two signatures, demanded the French turpentine and personally erased the signature of Savitsky. But the fee Sawicki has not been deprived: Ivan Shishkin received for his work four thousand, one of which gave Savitsky as co-author. Do not also believe in yellow scandalous message, they say, after the story of Savitsky and Shishkin even say Hello did not want to. They were previously, and after "the Morning" were good friends, besides the friends: Konstantin Savitsky baptized son Shishkin, Konstantin (who died at the age of three).

Is it right to assume the author of the picture that is Shishkina? Perhaps, Yes, as this of course created in the style of Shishkin, it is detailed, though a nerd in the picture study, the forest his thick fog is certainly his painting method. However, it is undeniable that a beautiful bear with cubs Konstantin Savitsky was a great addition to Shishkin pine forest and gave it a special charm. Foggy sunrise in the forest, shrouded in morning pinkish haze stretching into the sky pine trees, the feeling of absolute surrounding silence – otherwise the bears would not freely frolicked. In the end, we have before us an excellent result between two artists. While agreeing that the picture on all the criteria, "Shishkin", we suggest to remember the role of Savitsky in the creation of this work, especially Ivan Shishkin recognize.

Author: Alain Grosheva