John Singleton

United States • 1738−1815

Born in Boston in the USA. His stepfather was himself an artist, and helped her stepson advice. In General, however, his artistic talent Copley honed their own, copying prints of works by Gottfried Kneller, Joshua Reynolds, and other masters of that time.

Portraits created Copley, written in classical style with the elements of Rococo. His works such as the famous "Boy with a squirrel" (a portrait of his brother Henry Palama; 1765), portraits of P. revere (1768), N. The Hurd (1765-1766; all - Museum of fine arts, Boston) - give an idea of what Copley was one of the best American portrait painters of his time.

John singleton Copley (1738 - 1815) is an American portrait painter, was born in Boston. Copley considered one of the greatest American artists.


He studied with his stepfather, Peter Pelham, and also attended the Studio of Smibert and Fika. When the artist was 20 years old, biography Copley was already known as a successful portrait painter. At that time, he has formed the style, distinguished by the brightness, clarity, direct-dial feature.


In 1766 picture Copley "Boy with the Squirrel" was exhibited in London. The cloth was fascinated by Benjamin West, he persuaded Copley to come to England. However, the artist has stayed in America for another eight years, he worked in new York, Philadelphia, as well as in Boston.


In 1744 in the biography of John Copley happened trip to Italy. Then he stopped in London, where he spent the rest of his life, enjoying the fame, honor, being under the patronage of his famous clients. In England style Copley became more gentle, glossy, however, the energy and the individuality of his first works were lost. He continued to paint portraits, has expanded its repertoire to include the historical scene that formed the basis of fame Copley abroad. Great historical painting "The Death of Lord Chatham opened Copley access to the Royal Academy of arts. The image of troubles, misfortunes of those times "Brook Watson and the Shark" is a unique harbinger of romanticism.


Today biography John Copley is famous not only because of his early American portraits. These paintings are a treasure because luxurious painting, and the most powerful graphics that time.


Many portraits of the artist are invaluable document, representing the life of the society. Among the best portraits of the later period: image Samuel Adams (Museum of fine arts, Boston), as well as family Copley (belongs to an individual). In the Boston Museum of arts presents a superb collection of works Copley.

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