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Germany • 1884−1976

Biography and information

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (original name Karl Schmidt, December 1, 1884 – August 10, 1976, Berlin) – German Expressionist artist, one of the founders of the art Association "Bridge". An architect by training, he meets the Higher technical school with future like-minded members of the "Bridge" attaches to his name of his native city and was engaged only in painting. Schmidt – artist-loner, even during the youthful passion of construction theory of the new art. Every summer he spends away from Dresden, and from the noisy nudist outings friends, alone. Most of the best paintings he writes on the coast of Northern and Baltic seas. 

Features of the artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff in the prewar years, and some years after – expressionist rich contrasting colors and a sharp, pointed, ruffled form. Only, unlike the nervous and emotionally electrified paintings of other canonical expressionists, his landscapes melancholy and brooding Nudes and hopelessly detached. Enthusiastically and successfully working with woodcut. Living year after year in the middle of the twentieth century, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff still rides on the Baltic coast, seeking the solitude, but now it is translucent, as if sun-burned and washed salt water watercolors with a rich black outline.

Famous paintings of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff: "After a bath", "Autumn landscape", "At night", "Self-portrait", "Two women".

Author: Anna Sidelnikova