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Mikhailovich Klintsov

born in XXI century
Alexei Mikhailovich Klintsov.
08.12.1979 year of birth.
The city of Bryansk.
Alexei is a native of the city of Bryansk. Graduated from the College of Arts in the class of painting. Member of the Creative Union of Russia.
He considers 2014 to be the beginning of his career. Then the artist began to search for his own language, while almost abandoning the traditional classical painting. Having realized his vocation in art, Alexei literally rushed to study and try himself in different directions, such as:
abstract Expressionism,
experimental painting,
figurative painting
Rethinking the experience of his predecessors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the artist posed in his work such questions as:
is it possible to say something fundamentally new in painting in the twenty-first century?
or is it the fate of contemporary artists to repeat what has already been done before them?
This experience is reflected in a series of paintings in which the creator experiments with materials and styles, compares and combines realistic figurative painting with American abstract expressionism, the founder of which was Jackson Pollock. Paintings such as 2015's Angel and Muse, 2016's Exodus, and others. The result of this work was an exhibition of young artists in 2016, where Alexei presented about 20 paintings in this direction. The artist also reinterpreted the work of Van Gogh, Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, as reflected in his 2019 solo exhibition "Paintings from the Roof," where the author experiments in the format of figurative painting. Paintings such as "Native," "Rejected" and others are a vivid summary of this period. Speaking of exhibitions, which are regular events in the life of the artist, it is impossible not to mention the personal exhibition of 2018. Bright and memorable for contemporaries were such paintings as "Nyashki", "Doors", "Two Worlds" and others.
Being in a constant search, the artist wonders whether oil on canvas can withstand the onslaught of media and digital art, which in the author's opinion is replacing painting with organic materials.Canvas or polymer? Brush or computer keyboard? Why should an artist paint if the computer can print a poster, and the creator can just tinker with the painting, what the German artist Gottfried Helnwein does successfully in his art, and what the pop art representatives Andy Warhol and crew did successfully before him?
In 2021 Alexey had an exhibition with the odious title "Bloody Quarantine". The artist tries himself in conceptual art. The author uses quotations from F. Bacon, H. Baselitz, combines it with the poetry of Jim Morrison and his contemporary Yegor Letov. Such canvases as series of politicians, picture "Bloody Quarantine", "Yellow Press", "Adrenochrom" and "Gavvakh" are filled with new meanings and bear the stamp of the present time of the complex and rapidly changing reality that we are facing today.
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